Great Camping Breakfasts

Great Camping Breakfasts

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that can be especially true when you’re camping and need to give yourself

plenty of nourishment to get you through what is likely to be a busy day. Eating dinner around a campfire is what most campers dream about, but there’s no reason why breakfast at camp can’t be equally enjoyable. Here are a few breakfast ideas that you can cook up for yourself while camping that will let you start your day with a tasty and filling meal.

Pancakes are a classic example of a simple and easy camp breakfast. Assuming you have a skillet and a heat source, all you need to cook up some pancakes is pancake mix, water, and a mixing bowl. Simply mix the water with the pancake mix and pour into the skillet, flipping the pancake over when the top starts to bubble. It’s that easy, and it allows you to bring whatever toppings you want on your pancakes along with you on your camping trip.

If coals are your only source of heat, you should still have plenty of good breakfast options, such as bacon and eggs in paper bag. Just take a small paper bag and put three or four strips of bacon at the bottom. Then crack and egg and gently place it on top of the bacon inside the bag. Then all you have to do is fold the bag over and poke a stick through the back horizontally, allowing you to hold the bag over the hot coals until the food inside is fully cooked. It sounds unorthodox and it may get a little messy, but it’s a delicious way to start a day in camp.

If you prefer to use aluminum foil instead of a paper bag, there’s another great breakfast idea for you to try. Simply take a potato, scrambled eggs, sausage links, spices, and any other breakfast food you enjoy and throw it all together, wrapping a piece of foil around it. Make sure to wrap the foil tight so that everything is secure and won’t leak or fall out, and then simply place the foil on top of your heat source, rotating the foil as needed, and in about 15 minutes you will have cooked yourself a delicious hodgepodge of breakfast food to start your day.

If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, try cooking up some breakfast burritos. First, you’ll have to scramble a few eggs on a stove burner, mixing in sausage that you’ve chopped and sautéed. Then heat up a flower tortilla and fill it with the mixture of eggs and sausage that you just prepared. Once you have that, you can add cheese, salsa, sour cream, peppers, or any other item you desire. Simply heat it up, roll it up, and you’ll have yourself a delicious breakfast burrito.

Obviously, there are simple solutions to breakfast at camp like oatmeal, fruit, or purchasing bagels and donuts to bring along with you. But if you feel like preparing your own breakfast every morning while you camp, there are plenty of simple meals that you can prepare for yourself from the comfort of your campsite.